Hairstyles in a hurry at home


Early climbs to work and home care do not leave themselves. But this is not a reason to remain a "gray mouse". It is enough to devote a few minutes to the hairstyle in the morning to stand out in the team. And simple hairstyles in a hurry look no worse than salon styling.

Popular hairstyle options

Romantic style

Romantic option is suitable for a disco in the club, and for friendly get-togethers, and for daily work. You will need invisibility to match the hair and comb.

  1. The head of hair is combed and a wide strand with bangs is separated on the top of the head. Raise all up, sprinkle varnish near the roots.
  2. Comb slightly combed hair.
  3. After this, the order is fixed with stealth to preserve its bulk.
  4. Privisochnuyu pryadochku twist flagellum, pin up on the back of the head with invisible.
  5. On the other hand, doing the same. The result - easy styling in Greek.

For a friendly meeting, you can slightly modify it by adding romantic hairpins or bows. For a business dinner is better not to change anything.

Free weaving can be done in any technique. French braids and fish tails are acceptable. Hair must be a little nagging. To do this, the head is thrown back, forward, down, hair combed to the top of the neck. The styling variation is especially good on curly strands.

They take away a lot of curls from the side, braid any braid and fix the weaving with an air elastic band.

Bohemian chic

To create stylish styling silicone rezinochka, a hairbrush and some stealth are required.

  1. Comb the head of hair, allocate a strand near the temple and twist it with a cord, grabbing the strands from the bottom.
  2. Fix flagellum invisible crosswise.
  3. The actions are repeated with the order from the rest.
  4. The hair that has not been picked up is taken into the tail by a rubber band.
  5. A hole is made near the base and a tail is pulled into it, seeking to obtain a knot.
  6. Twist all the hair with a cord, make a bun and fix it invisible.

If the hairstyle is designed to work, you can pick up stealth and bangs. And for a friendly meeting, easy negligence is not a hindrance.

Easy "snail" is suitable for work and for celebration. To create a hair combed a little along the length and smooth with a brush. Strands are taken into the tail at the base of the head under the inconspicuous elastic.

The tail is screwed loosely under the side of the piling. You can release strands ahead to frame your face.

These different braids

Weave allows you to create a spectacular hairstyle in five minutes. Require invisible hairbrush and silicone rubbers.

  1. Hair combed to one side, removing short pryadochki from the face.
  2. Divide all the hair into three equal parts. From each weave the usual braid, the tip of which is fixed with rubber.
  3. The resulting braid is combined into one, weaving with each other. Alternately, the lower braid is placed under the upper one, making reverse weaving.
  4. Erasers with braids removed, all tips are fixed with one rubber band.
  5. Invisibles are removed, allowing the bangs to frame the face. You can twist the strands.

For a Rihanna-style hairstyle, only a comb and one elastic are prepared..

  1. Hair is carefully combed, laid on one side.
  2. Separate a pair of strands and twist them together, gradually adding a small strand from the total mass.
  3. Near the neck, the remaining ungrown hairs are split in two, woven into strands, creating a braid.
  4. To fix the hairstyle, each strand is twisted in the opposite direction and intertwined with each other.
  5. Attach the tip with an elastic band and spray styling varnish.

To create a spectacular styling every day is very difficult? You can look great every day without much effort. Hairstyles help you to always be in the center of attention.

If there are no bangs, and the hair on the sides of the face constantly interferes, you can make a bunch of braids. From each side of the forehead weave braids. At the back of the head they are taken to the tail and twisted in a bundle, wrapping first one braid, then the second.

Fix hair hairstyles. Long thin ribbons can be woven into the braids, the ends of which are tied around the base of the beam and tied with a neat, spectacular bow.

Quick hairstyle for long hair in the form of a crown of braids is particularly suitable for owners of very thick long hair.

  1. To create a divided hair mass into two equal parts of the part. Rubber fix each.
  2. Wrap gum strands separated from the tail.
  3. Weave braids from each half.
  4. Each is thrown to the opposite side through the front of the head.

You can additionally fix the weaving studs. Under the base of the tails mask tips of braids. Styling looks strictly and interesting.. Ideal for work.

Elegant bunches

For a side beam - a quick hairstyle for medium hair - you will need a bagel and stealth.

  1. The hair is combed and pulled into the side low tail.
  2. The edges of it are inserted into a bagel and scrolled, wrapping the device with curls. When the bagel rises to the base of the tail, it will already be completely covered with strands.
  3. Spread all hair evenly to mask a bagel.
  4. Fix hair invisible.

You can decorate the styling studs or massive accessories. Loose ends are treated with mousse or gel.

The solemn version is a retro bun for short hair. The simplest option looks like a pair of strands curled in curls and laid out in waves over smoothly combed hair. Additions in the form of large hairpins, shiny hoops, brooches, pearl threads will give the image a highlight.

  1. Before you start creating hair styling, you can treat your hair with a dry shampoo. On the nape make bouffant. Smooth hair over it for a neat look.
  2. Attached bouffant back studs. Above the ears, the strands are combed smoothly and fixed invisible.
  3. Short hairs behind lift up and fixed invisible. It is advisable to use the invisible to match the hair so that the hairpins are not conspicuous.
  4. A thin and narrow scarf is folded with tape and wrapped around the back of the head, covering the Invisibles.
  5. Pull the device to the head and secure the bundle. The tips are hidden under the scarf.

Evening styling

Sometimes an invitation to a celebration takes by surprise. With a minimum of time for fees, you can create a very stylish hairstyle in just a few minutes.

  1. For a bundle with weaving, they pick up the hair on the crown of the tail.
  2. Divide it into two parts - thinner and thicker.
  3. A large twist with a cord and wrapped around rezinochki. Fix it behind the stealth.
  4. From thin strands weave a braid and wrap around the flagellum at the base. Again, fix the invisible.
  5. You can decorate your hair with a spectacular hairpin.

On a long hair, a casually refined bun looks great..

  1. Ahead, separate part of the hair and make bouffant.
  2. All the hair is taken in the ponytail. Part of the hair is passed under the rubber to form a bundle.
  3. Its tips are wrapped around the elastic band and pricked by invisible men. The beam is distributed uniformly.
  4. Slightly pull back curls from the beam.
  5. The strands falling to the back of the head will finally hide the rubber.
  6. Sprinkle styling varnish.

For a refined knot at the back of the head, hair is pulled into a low tail. It is divided into two equal parts. Each is twisted into a harness in a clockwise direction.

The weights are then interlaced with each other already counterclockwise. The tip of the weave is fixed with an elastic band, rolled into a knot on the back of the head and fixed laying styling.

Nodules and tails

For owners of obedient hair, interesting tails with knots are a great idea. A lot of hair is combed to the side, divided into two parts.

A pair of strands is isolated and fixed in a knot. Then make another bundle. The tail received as a result of manipulations is fixed by an elastic band. You can further strengthen the hair style with pins.

Not so easy to find the right headband for the hair. And your own hair is very easy to turn into a stylish accessory.

  1. Hair washed and dried.
  2. Parting from ear to ear. The strands remaining behind him are fixed with a crab clip.
  3. Weave a French braid width parting.
  4. Dissolve crab-fixed strands.

They can be twisted flagella, and then make a bundle, holding it together with pins. But it looks great and tail, and loose hair.

Romantic styling with hearts is done on long strands.

On the order emit just above the ear at each temple. Fix them with rubber on the back of the head.

They lock the lock under the first strand, hold it over the tail, and move it over the first strand.

Repeat the action with the remaining side. Connect the tips of all four curls with elastic.

It turns out a nice heart of knots.

On a head of medium length, a wrapped tail looks great.

  1. Curls take in not too high tail.
  2. A rubber band is moved away from its base and the hair is pulled downwards into the resulting hole.
  3. The resulting bagel straightened, covering the hair remaining at the top.
  4. Loose side locks pin up to hide the lower part of the hair.
  5. Sprinkle styling varnish.

Fast hairstyles for short hair

For short hair, barely touching the shoulders, there is an interesting option for a quick and stylish Malvinki hairstyle.

  1. Straightening over the bangs separate, combed.
  2. Put a roller under it and fix it. The roller can be replaced with one suitable size curler with stickies.
  3. Side curls grab along with combed strand, fixed with a rubber band on the back of the head.

Short haircut - ready hairstyle for every day. True, the same thing quickly bored. And to help diversify the images creative styling.

  1. On the washed and dried curls put the foam for styling, distributing evenly.
  2. Each strand is given the desired shape and laid in its place. Smooth lines come to nothing: creative mess is the highlight of the hairstyle.
  3. You can dry your hair with a hairdryer and spray it with varnish.

Especially good hairstyle on the hair, aimed forward. If you lift the strands up, you get a perky soft version of the "hedgehog".

More democratic styling with deep side parting and hair, mostly combed to one side.

To create a hairstyle make a small basal bouffant, and the tips gently placed on the face. It turns out the perfect office option.

If there is a desire to add clarity to the image, choose a styling smooth.

To create a hair dividing into strands, heat protection is applied to them and carried out on each preheated iron. Carefully comb the hair and spray varnish.

If the hair has grown a bit, smooth styling on them is especially good. Washed and dried hair.

  1. Divide from eyelet to eyelet with a parting, highlighting the top and bottom parts.
  2. On each side they pick up small side curls, lead to the middle of the parting and fix it with invisible ones.
  3. The rest of the hair on top neatly combed back to perfect smoothness.
  4. The tips are twisted inside a large single curl.
  5. Treat styling varnish.

Beauty does not need sacrifice in the form of time and energy. She does not require super mastership to create fast hairstyles at home. Quite enough desire to always look great and minimal patience. And then every day it will turn out to amaze friends and colleagues with new vivid images.