The most fashionable hats for fall 2018: from pompons to veils


In the past, dressing children, parents did not always make sure that they looked fashionable. Now grown up and matured girls and women can safely afford to look stylish and be in trend. Including when choosing hats, which are not only protection from wind and cold, but also a beautiful accessory that complements the image. So what will be fashionable hats in the fall of 2018?

Trendy colors

The fashionable palette of autumn is very wide - there are both delicate tones and rich

Photos of women's hats for fall 2018 show different colors. But according to the Panton version, the following shades are relevant this season:

  • red-brown;
  • bright red;
  • misty blue;
  • yellow;
  • marsh;
  • orange;
  • ultraviolet;
  • blue green;
  • Navy blue;
  • creamy white with a warm subtone;
  • almond;
  • light gray;
  • light brown.

To pick up a shade of a headdress costs depending on a tsvetotip appearance. Caps and hats are located directly on the face, which means that preference should be given to a suitable scale that will make the look fresh.

Do not try to pick up a hat of the same color as the coat or jacket. It is better to combine matching shades.

Trendy styles and materials

Knitted hats - the trend of the season

In the autumn-winter period of 2018-2019, trend headgear is considered to be:

  • knitted hats;
  • with pompoms;
  • bini;
  • berets;
  • caps and caps;
  • with ears;
  • hats;
  • turbans;
  • with a veil;
  • with inscriptions, prints and logos;
  • helmets and balaclavas;
  • from fur;
  • scarves and bandanas.

In a trend combination of several materials in a headdress, for example, fur and leather.

Why not wear

Anti-trends in headgear for fall 2018:

  • Losses;
  • hat and scarf in the same style and color;
  • headwear with rhinestones or floral embroidery;
  • fur headphones.

If you complement a hat with a scarf, gloves or mittens, then they must be different from the headdress in color, texture or design.

Examples of fashionable women's hats in the photo

A classic large-knit wool hat in a trendy light gray color will be a great addition to sporty outwear.

Knitted hat can be of any style - from classic to kepi or even turban

Hats with pompoms have long been firmly entrenched in the autumn-winter wardrobe of fashionistas. These hats are cute, warm and perfectly combined with down jackets.

This hat fits perfectly with a simple hairstyle in the form of flowing hair.

Classic knitted hats are familiar from childhood and still do not lose relevance. A low-key gray color can be combined with any bright coat and down jacket.

These hats are well suited to classic outerwear and casual style.

Beanie hats are rarely worn in the winter cold, but for late autumn the style is great. This season, preference is given to bright acid shades.

Bini can be called any hat without clasps and ties, so the range of these hats is very extensive

The turbans who entered a few seasons ago on fashion catwalks do not lose their relevance. These hats are best combined with a coat of muted shades.

Choose concise oriental-style headwear models - they are in fashion

Ladies are very fond of berets in all their variations. For the autumn time, preference is given to leather models.

In fashion berets with prints. Particularly preferred are flower ornaments, peas and cage

What is autumn and winter without a fur hat? Fashion podiums offer to try on a variety of styles and models.

The combination of fur ruffles with other materials will make the image stylish

Fur hats in the Russian or Scandinavian style will help keep the ears warm. The style will suit girls who live in a cooler climate and prefer to combine beauty and comfort.

This headgear is recommended to be combined with a coat or sheepskin coat.

Hats do not lose their relevance so far. In autumn, preference should be given to bright colors and unusual models.

Trilby felt hat is especially popular among lovers of urban style

Hats with soft fields in natural colors look great on romantic natures.

Wide-brimmed hat looks especially original with clothes in the style of boho

Scarves in the style of Russian beauty are no longer relevant, so you should give preference to the brighter models.

You need to choose a method of tying a scarf depending on the shape of the face.

Preferred shawl material in the autumn of 2018 - silk

A new trend in headdresses - hats, hoods. They have replaced the usual and comfortable skudam, because it is better to keep warm and cover the head and neck from the wind.

These hats do not spoil the styling, because they fit loosely on the head.

Classic style caps and caps are a win-win option. Especially advantageous they look with jackets, leather jackets and coats.

Keps and caps are in perfect harmony with heavy boots, ankle boots and high boots.

In the new season, the designers presented collections with fancy and bright caps made of suede, leather and fur. To pick up a model to taste is now even easier.

The secret of caps is simple - a combination of a male style and a feminine appearance makes the image sexy

Silk shawls complement the look well. By themselves, these hats are quite bright, so it is better to choose muted colors.

Silk scarf goes well with sunglasses in early autumn, when the sun is still warm

Silk scarves, loved by many, can be used not only in the classic version, but also in the form of turbans. Such a hat in the trend.

Classic turban is designed to completely hide the hairstyle, but it is not scary if loose curls or bangs peeking out of it

Hats with wide brim - the trend is still summer. But in the fall they do not lose relevance. Only the colors and materials of which they are made have changed.

Wide brimmed hats only fit tall girls

The fashion for animal art has reached the accessories. This applies not only to animal print, but also the shape of hats.

Cap with ears can be knitted, made of felt or fur

Headgear with logos and brand names are at the peak of popularity.

Logos and labels must be big and bright.

Knitted hats in electric shade and other shades of blue will remain fashionable not only this fall. This color is beginning to gain popularity again.

This hat can be with or without decor - the main design sets the style of knitting

Fur hats in the fall-2018 season can be chosen from both natural fur and artificial fur.

The main styles of the season - east, vintage, "a la russ" and men's options

Everything new is well forgotten old. Many girls or even their mothers in old photo albums may have photos in these hats.

In the spring of 2018, knitted hats should combine convenience and originality.

Knitted berets are perfect for dreamy and romantic girls who appreciate style and comfort.

In the spring of 2018, designers prefer to decorate knitted berets with stripes, rhinestones and other decorations, but you can do without it

The trend of the autumn season - hats with a veil. The color scheme - the brighter the better.

Hats with a veil will suit girls who prefer classic or retro style

Video: hat trends in the fall of 2018

Watching the fashion trends, do not forget that the main thing when choosing a hat is comfort and a combination with the general image. It is necessary to choose accessories that like, fit the shape of the face, the color type and overall appearance and style.