Russian stars who died young


These outstanding actors and singers could have left behind many more songs and films. But they died young.

Viktor Tsoi

The star of the last century died tragically as a result of an accident. For unknown reasons, Victor's car flew at high speed into the oncoming lane, where a head-on collision with a bus occurred. Choi died on the spot.

Igor Talkov

The singer was killed by a pistol shot during a fight during a concert at the Yubileiny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg. Who made that shot is still not known for certain.

Sergey Bodrov

Sergei went missing along with his entire crew in the Karmadon gorge in Ossetia after the glacier slid away. Presumably, all the people who were at that moment in the gorge died under a rapidly moving down stream of huge ice blocks.

Evgeny Belousov

Zhenya died of a stroke after brain surgery. The violation of cerebral circulation, according to the assumption of doctors, was due to an aggravated head injury, which was received in childhood.

Vladislav Galkin

The cause of death is acute heart failure, which led to cardiac arrest. The body was found in his apartment only a few days after his death.

Alexey Fomkin

The performer of the role of Kolya Gerasimov in the famous Soviet film for teenagers “Guest from the Future” could not successfully continue his acting career. After a whole series of life troubles, he died as a result of a fire in his house in the city of Vladimir.

Vasily Lykshin

His childhood was not easy - he grew up in an orphanage, from childhood he was brought to justice for disorderly conduct and theft. He died of cardiovascular insufficiency at the age of 22 years.

Yuri Barabash

The author-performer of Russian chanson died in a car accident in Moscow. Presumably, the lack of sufficient driving experience led to the wrong dangerous maneuver on the road. This was the cause of the accident.

Sergey Tikhonov

The actor who played Johnny Dorset in Leonid Gaidai’s film “The Leader of the Redskins”. After serving in the army he became interested in horse racing betting. However, after a quarrel connected with Sergey's passion, the actor was pushed under a tram. Tikhonov died on the spot.

Nikita Emshanov

A Russian theater and film actor died at the age of 28 in a car accident in Moscow on the Garden Ring.

In the short life they all managed to do a lot. The memory of them will live in the hearts of their fans for a very long time.