Celebrities who hate each other: top 20


Stars that do not love each other, heat interest in their own people through scandals. Despite the fact that the brawlers do not like us, they attract attention to themselves seriously and for a long time.

Alyona Vodonaeva vs Victoria Bonya

Their quarrel is a consequence of the pettiness and envy of two glamorous ladies, former girlfriends. Now this is the usual showdown in public, adding PR to them. Hidden feud began when he was in “House-2”, when Vika rounded up her boyfriend.

Bonia vs Sobchak

Two bosom friends turned into enemies because of Sobchak's tendency to provocations. She allegedly promulgated Boney's intimate photos and wove backstage intrigues against her while smiling sweetly at Victoria.

Vasily Vakulenko (Basta) vs Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl)

It would seem that there is nothing to divide the workshop mates. But no! In 2016, there was a trifling case, which grew into a full-fledged litigation (more). Each of the hip-hoppers has its own truth, but they do not serve each other’s hands after those events.

Joseph Prigogine vs Ksenia Sobchak

Sobchak criticized Valeria’s assignment of the title of People’s Artist of Russia in 2013. Her husband Joseph Prigogine stood up for the singer. And off we go ...

Sobchak vs Volochkova

Here is an old feud. At one time they were rivals in the affairs of amorous, and in such a situation always expect some nasty things. Subsequently, attempts were made reconciliation, but it did not last long. Both traditionally accuse each other of immoral behavior.

Timati vs Kirkorov

In 2012, Timati ridiculed the prize of Muz TV and its owner Kirkorov, accusing the leadership of the annual event of bias. Subsequently, the stars formally reconciled, but the sediment remained. Philip does not forget such things ...

Anna Kournikova vs Elizabeth Hurley

The conflict arose in 2000 from scratch. For Kurnikov’s eyes in an interview, she unjustly called the venerable British actress "a rare ugly". She did not remain in debt and rewarded Anna with well-intentioned offensive epithets, which the journalists immediately replicated.

Kelly Osbourne vs Christina Aguilera

Once Aguilera unflatteringly responded to the media about the pomp of the Osborne forms, and she held a grudge against her. Soon Christine's mockery returned as a boomerang - suddenly she got fat. Conclusion: do not wake famously while it is quiet.

Alex Baldwin vs Kim Besinger

Former spouses broke up and began to hate each other because of insurmountable differences in matters of raising a daughter Island.

Naomi Campbell vs Victoria Beckham

Both are known for their ruffled character. One day Naomi called Victoria a skeleton, and she in turn dubbed the beautiful black woman a cow. To this day, their enmity has not come to naught ...

Elton John vs Madonna

At one time, Madonna indulged herself in attacks on Sir Elton's beloved kuma, Stephanie Joanna Angelina Germanotta, better known under the pseudonym Lady Gaga. So a close friend of the famous British artist turned into a "fair stripper." According to another version, John, by the simplicity of his soul, doubted that Madonna was justly awarded the next Golden Globe, and received a response from the pop diva.

Madonna vs Sharon Osborne

Even in the last century, Madonna somehow walked through the faulty everyday manners, and along with the work of Ozzy Osbourne. It seems to be a harmless joke understood everything except his wife Kelly. Since then, both nurture each other mutual hostility.

Alyssa Milano vs Shannon Doherty

Disagreements between actresses arose on the set of "Charmed". Evil tongues say that the cause of the creative, and then the personal rupture of the two colleagues was a kind of gentleman whom they did not share.

Bella Hadid vs Selena Gomez

Last year, a black cat ran between two girls. Selena had an affair with the former Bella, who literally exhausted from jealousy.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

Arrogant beauty Jolie stole from Aniston legal spouse - Brad Pete - right from the joint shooting. Jennifer painfully worried about this, and her feelings can be understood. As for the successful non-worker, Angelina did not even hate her rival, but despised her as a nonentity. However, this is all in the past: a happy couple broke up, having lived together for 10 years.

Chelsea Handler vs Jolie

Chelsea openly dislikes Angelina, calling her a disguised bitch, a hypocrite and a hypocrite, "collecting children." Jolie maintains Olympic calm and tries not to react to such attacks. However, if journalists provoke, Angelina responds in a tactful manner, they say, she doesn’t think much about Handler, and indeed it’s not her level. Here is such an antipathy ...

Paris Hilton vs Kim Kardashian

10 years ago, Kardashian was tired of constantly being in the shadow of his more eminent girlfriend, and she found herself in the center of a sex scandal. Since then, Kim has become a rival Paris, which many was obliged. Hilton didn't forgive her that.

Julia Roberts vs Nicole Kidman

As nature, Julia is not a gift. Yes, and Oscar-winning Australian Nicole is not a timid ten. These are two Napoleons in skirts, and the trouble is, if they intersect on the set - the behavior of each other annoys them. Therefore, the producers are trying in one picture of these actresses not to attract.

Mariah Carey vs Niki Minaj

All because of megalomania: two adults and intelligent women quarreled because of which one is more important in the jury of the TV show.

Sylvester Stallone vs Richard Gere

From the finished egoist Stallone and the other is not worth waiting for. He reproached Gere for the fact that he was deliberately spilling broth on him on the set of one of the films, and demanded that the director replace his partner. In addition, in the wake of the incident, Sylvester in Hollywood spread a false rumor about Richard.

We admire the talent and aesthetic beauty of our extraordinary contemporaries, who give us their creativity. But the fact that they sometimes hate each other, does not do them honor. But they say that genius and villainy are two incompatible things. So compatible?