Haircut wolf for long, medium and short hair


The volume cascade shearing wolf is not one of the most popular today. But she has her admirers. This hairstyle has received the name thanks to the locks sticking out in all directions, reminding wool of a wild animal.

Feature haircut wolf

There was a she-wolf in the eighties. It is a haircut cascade with a multi-layered structure and torn edges. Its features are:

  • hair on the back of your head, trimmed with steps;
  • short top strands over the temples.
Because of the protruding strands, the hairstyle resembles wolf hair.

To whom it is suitable

Hairstyle fits any type of face. But it looks most advantageous on chubby or wide-brimmed girls. In both cases, it will bring the shape of the face to an ideal oval.

This hairstyle emphasizes facial features and hides flaws.

She-wolf gives extra volume at the roots, therefore it suits girls with thin hair. If the hair is already thick, then graduation is done to remove excess volume and create a uniform hairstyle.

The wolf is convenient because it does not require long styling, but has many of their options.

Technique performance in the cabin

To create this hairstyle, the master cuts the hair as follows:

  1. Wets them with water and splits them into upper and lower parts.
  2. Removes the ends of the lower strands with thinning scissors ;.
  3. Gradually moves to the top of the head and cuts the hair in a cascade to create the effect of torn strands.
  4. If the hairstyle implies the presence of bangs, then the strands of the face are treated separately.
  5. Bang should match the general hairstyle, so the wizard makes her slightly careless.
  6. To emphasize the eyes, it is recommended to additionally mill the temporal and facial strands.
  7. After working with scissors, the master uses styling and a hairdryer.
  8. The crown of the head is additionally milled to create the effect of a fluffy cap.
To prevent hair from splitting, it is better to cut your hair with hot scissors.

Haircuts for long hair: photo

Even without careful styling, this haircut looks stylish.

Haircut allows you to save the length and give the volume of the upper part of the hairstyle. So this is a great option for those who want to change something in their appearance, but do not want to part with long hair.

Especially boldly this hairstyle looks with neon coloring

Haircut will be even brighter if you do it with highlighting or coloring.

This haircut is suitable for thin long hair, as it gives them a volume

Wolf on hair of medium length

To create a modest image it is better to choose a different haircut.

For medium length this hairstyle fits best. Such an image looks bold and a little wild.

Haircut for medium hair is suitable for girls who have not yet decided what length of hair is suitable for them.

But in this case requires special styling. To do this, it is recommended to lift the hair at the back of the head and pin it back.

On the basis of this haircut you can do a lot of hairstyles

Short haircut options

To less damage hair during styling, you need to use protective equipment.

The length to the chin is also suitable for creating such a hair. In this case, on the head you will get a kind of prickly cap.

If you can not decide on the length of the hair, consult an experienced master

Best of all this hairstyle looks after a light perm, as the waves add dynamics.

Image with and without bangs

Most harmoniously this haircut looks with a slanting bang

This hairstyle can be with bangs. But it should not be straight and thick, but scythe and torn. In the first version, the hairstyle will be heavy and rough, which is not combined with the image of the beast.

You can experiment with the length and styling bangs

Lovers of direct hooks can consider their thinned version.

Straight bangs more suitable owners of non-curly hair

Length bangs may be different. It should be selected on the basis of the length of the remaining strands.

Option haircut without bangs too. It fits any type of face.

How to look at curly and straight hair

Choose this haircut should be based on the fact that on straight and curly hair, it will look different.

On straight hair, the torn edges of the hairstyle will be best seen.

Girls with curly locks can choose both long and short hairstyles. But in this case it is better to do without bangs.

For curly hair is better to choose a different haircut

All options are available to owners of straight hair, but the best hairstyle looks at the length of the shoulders and below.

Does adult women fit

Easy negligence gives a female youth

The she-wolf is closely associated with the images of young and daring girls. But it depends on how it is laid, with what makeup and clothes to combine. Mature women can also try on this hairstyle.

Properly selected make-up will make your hair more spectacular.

Bright and not keen to demonstrate their age, women can pay attention to short options styling. But if the image of the lady suggests an elegant style, it is better to refrain and choose a different hairstyle.

Women aged most go short hair

Coloring ideas

Bright strands add boldness

This hairstyle due to the tornness of the strands is perfectly combined with highlighting or coloring. This helps to emphasize and highlight the individual strands. Especially impudent image will turn out if to combine torn tips with neon coloring.

Coloring hair in unusual colors will help to stand out from the crowd

Girls seeking to stand out for their unusual appearance, can choose a hairstyle with bright colors. This does not highlight the very degree of cutting, but will make the image of its owner more vivid and bold.

Styling options

Laying directly depends on the length and image created. For a casual look, you need to wash your hair and apply styling on it. Then dry the hair dryer, lifting the strands at the roots.

In order to look romantic, it is worth trying to twist the face strands inside, and the nape curl outside. For a more playful and informal image, a little gel or foam can be applied to the tips.

This styling is suitable for walking or parties.

If you need to adhere to strict style, you can make styling with the help of an ironing and get a smooth hairstyle. But at the same time the volume will remain.

With neatly laid hair, you can attend the official event.

You can also collect hair in a ponytail. Strands that will break out of it, make the image tender and attractive.

Convenience hairstyle lies in the fact that styling can be done simply by washing and drying his head. Bands or headbands are suitable as accessories.

Haircut wolf must be chosen in accordance with their age and lifestyle. If the image of a wild beast does not fit with your character, then it is better to stop the choice on a more neutral hairstyle.