Mascara L'Oreal - Types, characteristics, reviews


Mascara is an indispensable element in every woman's cosmetics bag, and this tool gets almost the first place in terms of a painstaking choice, so an Loreal mascara would be an excellent option, reviews of which can be found below. Generally mascara is actually one of the first means with which the girl meets, starting to learn the world of cosmetics. And no matter what facial features, features of the figure and skin types the woman has - the mascara is needed for absolutely all girls and women, even those who practically do not get painted. In each cosmetic bag you can find a tube of mascara.

Loreal mascara is considered one of the best among the lines of the mass market.

The Loreal brand line on the market managed to establish itself as a high-quality and proven manufacturer of decorative cosmetics. Especially often you can find praise from the fair sex on the carcass. And this is true, because beautifully painted eyelashes can not only make the look more expressive, but also change the appearance as a whole. So it is not surprising that every lady wants to choose the best way to give her eyes an expressive and seductive appearance.

Carcass selection: features

Each mascara is not just a beautiful package and a black / gray / red substance. In fact, it is something more. An important role is given to brush mascara. Consider the main types of brushes allocated designers, including the brand L'Oreal.

In form, it can be:

  • Straight. This option is suitable for improving the color of the eyelashes and giving them a small volume.
  • Curved - this form not only makes the eyelashes more beautiful, but also twists them, creates an expressive look and an attractive image that attracts the attention of men.
  • In the form of a cone - this brush is designed to give the maximum volume and visually increase the number of cilia.

The type of material and the appearance of the brush are also different.

  • Medium fluffy - usually the hairs on such a brush are evenly and moderately distributed. This design allows you to evenly and thoroughly stain each eyelash and make the image charming.
  • Strong fluffiness - in such a brush there are a lot of hairs that "grow" abundantly. Mascara makes eyelashes more voluminous, fluffy, thereby transforming the look.
  • Rubber brush - such elements have entered into everyday life relatively recently, nevertheless, they managed to prove themselves well among the fair sex. Makeup is applied by them easily, each eyelash is perfectly stained and becomes attractive.
L'Oreal pays great attention to the shape of the brushes, because it depends on her how long / width / volume your eyelashes will be.
  • Silicone brush - with accuracy repeats the movements of the girl applying makeup, makes the eyelashes smooth and neat.
  • Recently mascaras are also offered with a special automatic brush. This innovation was appreciated by the fair sex for ease of use.

Mascara L'Oreal is offered in a wide range, with any kinds of brushes and with any formulations.

By the way, an important role is played by the factor that makes up the mascara. There are products with harmful and even with dangerous additives, but there are carcasses with a gentle composition and even with natural ingredients. When choosing a product, it is important to consider and choose the composition that you will like.

Assortment of ink Loreal

Considering the products of this brand, it is impossible not to say about its different models. Each of them has a special effect, and there are several effects that can be given to the eyes, using a particular composition of the carcass.

"Million Eyelashes"

This is a series Million Lashes was created to form perfectly beautiful eyelashes with lush volume and thorough coloring. In the line there are three types of mascara - this is extra black (Extra black), Noir Express, So Couture. Based on the girls' feedback on these products, it can be concluded that the mascara contributes to the lengthening of the eyelashes and makes them luxuriant. All three categories have differences in the brushes, but in general they ensure that the cilia are qualitatively separated and carefully painted.

The Million Lashes series was created to create perfectly beautiful eyelashes with lush volume and thorough coloring.

The packaging of such an ink has an interesting design, and the tube itself is oblong. The volume is 9.5 ml. Such products are offered in several colors: that is, the carcasses are not colored, the basic tone is black, but with good lighting and the right angle you can see this light mysterious hue.

Price: 700-800 rubles

Mascara green L'Oreal (Feline)

The mascara with a green tint also belongs to the category of "a million eyelashes", it looks especially good on the fair sex, who are happy owners of green eyes. Merging into one whole, this composition gives the look even more expressiveness and has the effect of contact color lenses, although the mascara does not belong to the color, but only gives a light shade.

Ink and does not apply to color, but only gives a slight greenish tint

Mascara creates extra volume and does an excellent job with curling hairs. Well caring for the eyelashes, thanks to the gentle composition, and a special brush makes them more voluminous and twisted.

Price: 900 rubles.

Mascara violet Loreal

This is the notorious extra black mascara, which makes the eyelashes expressive and inimitable. Purple mascara is a panacea for "invisible eyelashes", because it will highlight even what you have not previously noticed. According to reviews of many girls, the mascara has a beautiful stylish packaging, comfortable brush and a beautiful view of the eyes. A specific shade allows you to use it everywhere and at the same time always look beautiful.

This is the notorious extra-black mascara, which makes the eyelashes expressive and inimitable.

Price: 700 rubles.

Red mascara "Million eyelashes"

This product is one of the most beloved among modern beauties. According to the reviews, the mascara is perfectly applied, does not crumble under the eyes and leaves no traces in the form of black bruises.

Mascara, sold in a red bottle, has an enlarged brush, compared with other models, which allows you to make the eyelashes more luxurious. In addition, there is a built-in dispenser, which allows you to control the amount of ink.

The ink is beautifully applied, does not crumble under the eyes and leaves no traces in the form of black "bruises"

Price: 700-800 rubles.

Hippie Mascara

Ink Miss hippie - a new brand, due to which it has risen in the eyes of beautiful women. After all, mascara truly cares about eyelashes and carefully paints every hair, creating a wonderful effect. Many users thought that this product has similarities with the already existing models of Loreal - Miss Manga carcasses, but this is not entirely true.

This mascara truly cares for eyelashes and carefully paints each hair, creating a wonderful effect.

Price: 600-700 rubles.

"False eyelashes"

What the fair sex does not dream of having false eyelashes. But not everyone decides to make them. Thanks to the Loreal carcass False lash - and not necessary, because she will cope with the formation of any effect and create a special image with which you can go anywhere.

False Lash Mascara is designed to lengthen the eyelashes

Price: from 600 rubles.

"Butterfly wings"

False Lash Papillon Butterfly - This product is also loved by girls, and some consider it the best in the entire line of L'Oreal. Eyelashes become tender like butterfly wings. Mascara is easy to apply and has a rich bright color that literally envelops each hair and creates an individual image.

Thanks to the special shape of the brush that paints every eyelash, your look resembles a butterfly wing flap

Price: from 550 rubles.

L'Oreal Telescopic

The main feature of the mascara Telescopic lies in its unusual brush, which allows you to create stunning day or evening makeup. There are several types of this line - with the effect of false eyelashes, precise separation of hairs, "black coal", rapid lengthening. Of course, all these options differ in brushes, and if you choose the look that you need, you will not lose and get amazing makeup.

The main feature of the mascara Telescopic is in its unusual brush, which allows you to create stunning day or evening makeup

Price: 590 - 730 rubles.

Loreal Million Eyelashes - Luminizer

The category is represented by a set of products that are designed for blue and brown eyes. The composition of the carcass includes a lot of flickering particles that can give an excellent shade of black color. For example, for a product created to decorate brown eyes, these particles have a contrasting tone — blue or purple.

The composition of the carcass includes a lot of flickering particles that can give an excellent shade of black color

Price: 1 thousand rubles.

Product Benefits

Despite a very wide range of products, they are all united by common advantages that characterize a single brand concept.

  • A brush made of silicone, which allows movement, exactly repeating the shape of the eyelashes and perfectly coloring them;
  • A large number of bristles on the brush prevents adhesion of eyelashes and contributes to their uniform staining;
  • Products have a pleasant smell, while the composition does not bring any irritation and other reactions to the mucous membrane;
  • Mascara is beautifully applied, has a special texture, similar to the cream, which makes each hair more voluminous;
  • The product is quite stable during the day, with the result that does not cause any trouble;
  • The tool can easily be removed from the eyelashes, while in order to remove makeup, you will not need special tools.

The product is loved by users for all these advantages and is considered on the market one of the best.

Mascara L'Oreal perfectly applied, has a special texture, similar to the cream that makes each hair more voluminous

Real reviews on carcass L'Oreal

Alyona: I adore L'Oreal's products, and that it’s the best of its kind, made a final conclusion after having tried 4 different products - these were bright representatives of the Million Eyelashes series - purple, green, red, and one Miss Hippie. All brushes are perfect, the consistency of the carcass is the same. Regardless of the model and color shade, all products have an attractive appearance, especially on the eyelashes. If you do not know what to buy, so that the eyelashes become more "alive" and look natural - I advise Loreal mascara, you will not regret.

Irina:I bought products from the Luminizer series, fell in love at first sight, and now a tube of Loreal mascara in my cosmetic bag is an axiom. Satisfied with the quality of the brush: eyelashes do not stick together, as is the case in cheap models. The mascara does not form lumps under the eyelashes and, most importantly, it does not leave dark circles under the eyes of "A la panda", although this was a problem with other products. In general, I like L'Oreal, and I plan to continue using it.

Katerina: My first mascara L'Oreal was presented to me with a gift certificate from a friend. As I remember it - it was a mascara "butterfly effect". At first it was unusual to use a silicone brush, but over time, everything became normal. And since then I constantly use products of the brand L'Oreal, I really like and sympathize with it.

Olga: My natural eyelashes - something with something: very thin, often fall out, and even bright. Therefore, I have long been in search of my ideal mascara, which will not only decorate my eyelashes, but also strengthen them. Found a proven solution - this is L'Oreal "Million Eyelashes". I bought several carcasses in different colors of packages, and have not tried anything better before. Be sure to continue using this product. The ink has a good pleasant texture and original brush. I have never seen a product of such quality.