Amazing snowflakes made in the air technique quilling: instructions and ideas for inspiration


Quilling is a type of paper needlework, the essence of which is to create compositions from spirally twisted narrow strips of paper. The name comes from the English word quill, which means "bird feather." Unfortunately, quilling is not very well known in our country, unlike in Western Europe, where paper circulation is very popular.

To start creating snowflakes, we need paper in the amount of:

  • 8 strips 8 cm long
  • 4 strips of paper 5 cm long
  • 4 strips of 7.5 cm,
  • 5 strips of 15 cm.

It should be mentioned that the standard width of the strips is about 3 mm, and the paper itself must be thick so that it can easily roll up and at the same time keep the shape. You also need a special tool for quilling, and in case of his absence, you can use a gypsy needle or a wooden toothpick. And don't forget the glue!

  1. Let's start making snowflakes from the center circle, which will be made from a strip of 15 cm.
  2. We fold the paper very tightly, so that it can hold the shape, and then we smear the glue on the tip of the tape and glue it to the base.
  3. With the remaining 15-centimeter stripes, we do the following: bend in half and turn the spirals to the center to get something like hearts.
  4. Now we take strips of 5 cm and just fold them, and at the end slightly flattened, so that they look like rhombuses.
  5. The 7.5 cm long strip must be twisted almost the same as the first circle, only when gluing it is necessary to give them the appearance of a droplet.
  6. At the last eight lanes from one end we make a spiral about 2 cm long, and from the other in 2 turns. The resulting "sleeves" are pairwise glue.
    As a result, you should get:
    • 1 lap
    • 4 hearts
    • 4 diamonds
    • 4 drops,
    • 8 pairs of glued "sleeves".
    Now it remains only to glue all these parts together to get a beautiful Christmas decoration.

And a few more magical ideas, executed in an amazing quilling technique.

Creating masterpieces is easy - you just need a little patience, a little skill and a lot of imagination.