The most beautiful men on the zodiac sign - the top three


Every woman has her own idea of ​​male attractiveness. Some like tall stature, others like expressive eyes or gorgeous hair. But there are representatives of the stronger sex, which attract almost all women. Astrologers for many years conducted research and found that there are certain zodiac signs under which the most attractive and charismatic personalities are born. Today, the most beautiful men on the sign of the zodiac became known.


Charismatic and incredibly attractive male Sagittarius occupy the third place in the ranking of the most beautiful guys. The patron saint of the sign is the planet Jupiter and under its influence the appearance of the guy is formed, and the element of fire adds charm and attractiveness. Usually in the appearance of Sagittarius there are the following features:

  • high growth;
  • expressive eyes;
  • long and thick eyelashes;
  • taut figure;
  • smart hair;
  • well defined lips;
  • thick eyebrows.

Hair usually has a dark shade, close to black or chocolate-colored. External data are complemented by masculinity, courage, generosity and sincerity. A significant drawback of Sagittarius will be excessive amorousness. In the eyes of women, this is an undoubted disadvantage, but it is interesting with the men of this sign, they are full of ideas, they love traveling and know how to entertain their partner.

Dark hair, beautiful lips and eyes are the distinctive features of Sagittarius

In most cases, the Sagittarius is very athletic, which adds to their attractiveness, improves their figure, increases their strength and endurance.. Even in adulthood, they try to keep fit, and women like it very much. The great advantage of men of this sign is cleanliness. Ladies extremely appreciate this quality in a man, because it always looks like a needle.

Astrologers have determined that the most attractive Sagittarius is born between November 23 and December 2.


Air Twins occupy the second line in the ranking of the most attractive guys. They usually have tall, gorgeous, slightly wavy hair, big eyes, plump and sensual lips. The physique is often thin, but this does not weaken the interest of women in Gemini. The hair often has a light shade, with a light golden tint.

Stylish twins always look amazing

With age, their figure does not deteriorate, light gray hair appears on the temples, adding solidity and elegance. The sign is under the auspices of Mercury, which explains the external data and the ability to emphasize them.

According to classical standards, representatives of this zodiac sign cannot be called handsome. But they are so masterly hide their flaws and show the merits that it would not occur to anyone to call them mediocre. Gemini prefer to experiment with their appearance often, change hairstyle, style of clothes. This is especially attractive in the eyes of many women.

Gemini appearances complement the excellent sense of humor, resourcefulness and ability to keep the conversation going.. Ladies appreciate these men, consider them the most attractive.

The most beautiful male twins are born from 1 to 11 June.


The leader among all the representatives of the stronger sex are stunning terrestrial Taurus. For the formation of remarkable external data is responsible for the Moon and Venus, the second is particularly favorable to beauty. Women in these men are attracted by the excellent figure, medium or tall, strict features that give manliness. Taurus is almost always physically very strong, athletic and easy to keep fit.

Brown hair and strict facial features - a feature of male Taurus

In most cases they have light brown, brown or golden hair, blue, light brown or gray eyes, thick eyebrows, expressive nose, strong-willed chin, massive neck. Thin Tauruses can not be called. With age, their shape changes, but this does not make them less attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Some changes in the appearance of men compensate for the natural charisma, charm, ability to keep the conversation going and interest the lady.

A distinctive feature of Taurus - dedication, which in most cases affects the appearance. Often, representatives of this zodiacal sign have a dimple on their chin, which creates the illusion of being helpless if you do not look into the eyes of a person.

The most attractive Taurus, according to astrologers, are born from May 1 to 10.

When compiling the rating, astrologers focus on the fact that beauty for everyone is a purely subjective concept. External data must be supplemented by good human qualities, then you can call a man beautiful.