10 fashion trends summer pedicure 2019


The main fashion trends in pedicure in the summer of 2019 are updated classics and non-trivial ideas. Among the most popular ideas in this season, you can find options from monochromatic nude to gradient metallic with oriental patterns.

Monophonic pedicure for the summer of 2019

This is perhaps the easiest and most stylish way to cover nails. At the peak of popularity now - just two opposing trends. First, the pastel colors - pale pink, peach, beige, pearl gray. Secondly, bright, flashy shades - for example, fuchsia and ultraviolet.

Options monochrome coating weight. You can cover each nail with different colors, and you can choose a different shade only for the thumb or second finger. And still separate marigolds can be decorated with sparkles or rhinestones.


This is a coating in which one color smoothly flows into another - for example, ombra, degradate, etc. This season it is fashionable not only to make smooth color transitions on the nail itself, but to stretch the gradient from thumb to little finger. Another actual trend is the gradient only on the thumb, the other nails are simply covered in the tone of one of the gradient shades.

Classic french and moon pedicure

French is a timeless classic. In the summer season of 2019, this trend is presented in several variants at once. In addition to the classic neutral base and white edging, you can choose any combination: pink base and red edging, blue base tone with silver edging, green nails with an orange stripe along the edge - the choice is simply huge. Classic french can be supplemented with pictures on the thumb or second finger in the same or contrasting scale.

Lunar pedicure is the opposite of a service jacket. In this case, it is not the tip that is covered with a different color, but the base of the nail at the cuticle. Usually, the masters paint a narrow month on the whitest part of the nail - that's why the pedicure is called the lunar one.


Nude pedicure is worth highlighting especially - neutral nuances in pedicure are so relevant now. You can use nude color range in a wide variety of options: monophonic pedicure, gradient, various patterns and decorations. The main thing - to preserve the naturalness, it is she who is now at the peak of popularity.

Geometric patterns

The most trendy now are strips of various colors and thickness, as well as peas - both large and small. Patterns can be combined with each other, add other shapes - rectangles, triangles, play with color. Both contrasting patterns and geometric pedicure, designed in various shades of the same color, are popular now.

Sea theme

Maritime themes traditionally come into fashion in the summer, when the holiday season and warm beaches begins. The renewed marine theme, which is now at its peak of popularity, is not only palm trees or white-and-blue stripes of the vest on the nails. For example, you can choose a red and white gamut and complement it with pretty patterns and decorations.


A rather contradictory trend, which only the most experienced women of fashion can follow. When using animal prints, the main thing is to know the measure and not to overdo it so that the pedicure does not look vulgar. It should be borne in mind that the nails with a pattern in the form of cheetah spots or zebra stripes itself is an accent, and you should not strengthen it with clothes of the corresponding colors. You can add a discreet accessory in the same range - and this will be quite enough.

Oriental ornaments

Oriental patterns are back in vogue only this season. The ornaments on the nails can be sustained in the colors of this season, pastel or bright. And you can pick up traditional oriental shades - red, blue, green, gold, etc.

Metallic - a declining fashion trend

But this trend, by contrast, is living its last seasons. Gradients made from various metallic hues, as well as simple plain coatings with metallic luster, are particularly popular.

Long toenails

Another controversial trend. Many women of fashion try to leave a small free edge on the toenails - this visually lengthens the nail and gives it a more regular elongated shape. This trend is relevant for girls with short toes and round nails. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the nails do not squeeze in the shoes and not tear the tights.

Fashion trends of the summer of 2019 can be combined with each other: to make a jacket with oriental patterns or a gradient in metallic, to use various fashionable colors - both nude and bright. A variety of popular trends allows you to play with a pedicure, bringing to life more and more new ideas.