The personal life of Jennifer Lopez: a long journey of a strong woman to happiness


The sultry Puerto rican by J. Law, who began her career as a girl for dancers, has been successfully storming the music charts for more than two decades, settling down on Hollywood Olympus and successfully breaking the track in big business as a fashion designer and producer. Her many-sided talents, amazing work capacity and — what can we say — help her appearance — help her to achieve success. Not surprisingly, the talented beauty always enjoyed increased success with men, and the personal life of Jennifer Lopez regularly became the property of the tabloids.

Ohani Noa (Odjani Noa)

We couldn’t say who was next to hot beauty Jay Lo while the girl’s popularity was gaining momentum, but the first man who managed to hoist a wedding ring on Jennifer’s finger was a Cuban far from show business who worked as a simple waiter at one of Miami’s restaurants. It can be seen that the sight of Cupid that day was fine, because the arrow of love pierced the hearts of a couple almost overnight. This was followed by a hasty marriage in February 1997, a short family life and an equally hurried divorce in January 1998.

And although the marriage itself lasted less than a year, the former lovers reminded each other about themselves for a long time: then Jennifer would dismiss her ex-husband from her restaurant for embezzlement, Ohani would sue the former spouse, demanding some kind of payment, or suddenly she would sit down scribbling a nasty book about living together with a star, and only a whole army of lawyers will be able to blunt his brisk pen ... Only by 2007 was it possible to completely cut this Gordian knot

Sean Combs (P. Diddy)

Rapper and producer Shawn Combs, better known as Puff Daddy, caught the singer in his tight arms when he undertook to promote her solo career in 1999. And J. Lo had nothing against it, because Combs was able to care for it in a big way: expensive furs, exclusive jewelry, diamonds rained down on a beautiful Puerto Rican, the world rushed past the tinted windows of expensive cars, and there were no VIP parties in clubs. the end.

But in the end, such a life began to tire the girl, and after a muddy story with a shootout in the next club, Jay Lo realized that it was time to put an end. Combs should be fair: during the trial, he stressed in every possible way that his girlfriend had nothing to do with shooting, so Jennifer managed to get out of the story without any unpleasant consequences for herself. Is that with a slightly tarnished reputation of a girl who can get into the story.

Chris Judd

Breaking off relations with Combs, Jennifer drew attention to a dancer from her group and, without thinking twice, gave him not only her heart, but also her hand. Either the failure of the first impetuous marriage didn’t teach the Latina, or the passion turned out to be stronger than logic, or the active and business-like J.Lo was much more romantic than you might think.

But be that as it may, the second marriage of the singer went along the beaten path: the couple received an official marriage certificate in September 2001, and a divorce in June 2002. From the press, the former spouses got off with vague arguments about the incompatibility of characters and the creative way each of them should be their own.

Ben affleck

One of the most loved by the public novels J. Law spun in the same 2002 year with actor Ben Affleck. It seemed that this time Fortune was seriously aiming to connect two loving hearts with strong ties. The engagement was officially announced, Jennifer dedicated her next clip to Jenny From The Block, and the journalists dubbed a couple Bennifer, deftly combining the halves of their names.

Alas, Cupid blundered here too: the wedding, scheduled for September 14, 2003, was canceled without any explanations on September 13.

Mark Anthony

Apparently, fate finally smiled the restless Jennifer, or the girl managed to wise up, become more serious and approached the choice of the next partner with more caution, but June 2004 was finally marked for her by marriage, which successfully survived the first year of marriage for the crisis of Jennifer. And the second. And the third. And this despite the fact that the current lover of beauty, singer Marc Anthony, did not pull the title of an exemplary family man: he began to meet with J. Lo while still in a state of divorce from his first wife, Dayanara.

And yet the relationship developed smoothly, the couple engaged in joint work, and even went in 2007 in a general tour, at the end of which Jennifer announced her pregnancy, enthralling fans. In February 2008, twins Max and Amy appeared, the full names of which are Maximilian David and Emma Maribel.. However, even the presence of common children did not keep the two freedom-loving stars nearby and in 2011 both flew apart. According to some rumors, Mark’s inability to get along with her mother Jennifer Guadeloupe, who took care of the twins, was the reason for this, and for others - disagreement about the place of residence: say, J. Law didn’t think of herself outside Hollywood, and Mark was drawing to New York. Whatever it was, the couple managed to maintain good relations, the ex-spouses are friendly when they meet, and Mark takes part in raising children, although not always everything goes smoothly.

Casper Smart

If Lopez was slightly bored as a positive married lady, then a meeting with dancer Casper Smart, no doubt, brought a fresh impetus to the life of Puerto-Rican. The young lover (the difference between them was 18 years old) filled their relationship with passion, jealousy, scandal, reconciliation, and new quarrels, although he managed to get along well with the children of the star.

Throwing on the waves of stormy passions lasted about 3 years - from 2001 to 2014, when Casper, caught in treason, was driven from Jennifer's heart and life. However, only then, in 2015, to return to the deceived lover and try to start all over again. Perhaps, during this time, both learned to perceive each other’s shortcomings a little easier, because, having failed to save love, they managed to remain friends, which was reported to the press that was thirsty for sensations in August 2016.


The novel with rapper Drake is difficult to write to the singer's list of victories, as it lasted for nothing at all - from December 2016 to February 2017. And judging by how light-minded the participants of the events themselves reacted to what is happening, neither Jennifer nor Drake planned anything serious the beginning. But the fact remains: a couple was seen kissing and gently hugging, photos of completely unambiguous content surfaced on instagram, and whether this brief flash of passion or a way to tease journalists was not known for certain.

Jennifer Lopez today

Do you think that former failures made our beautiful woman give up on love and devote herself to children, creativity and business? Nothing like this!

In March 2017, Jennifer's heart was again taken up, this time by baseball player Alex Rodriguez. And although the new boyfriend Lopez in Hollywood has an unpleasant reputation as a heartthrob, while things are going great. Lovers exchange passionate and tender messages on Instagram, spend a lot of time together, laugh, fool around, kiss ...

And just recently, on March 9, 2019, Alex made a favorite marriage proposal, reinforcing the seriousness of his intentions with a ring with an impressive stone size. And let the spiteful critics say that only the grave will fix the hunchback, and Jennifer has yet to learn the windy temper of her chosen one! While both are happy, in love, and are planning a magnificent wedding - apparently, something big is waiting for us soon.

The personal life of the famous Puerto Rican has never been stable, much less the charging periods of stagnation. Boykay, alive, with hot Latin American blood in her veins, Jennifer Lopez did not hesitate to live to the fullest: she fell in love when her heart demanded it, without another word, tore off the relationship, if the time came, had children. And she created, created, created ... Perhaps it was finally time for her to find her quiet marina of family happiness. But if not, do not hesitate - Jennifer will flutter out of the next failed relationship, proudly lift her nose and go further in search of true love, spitting on calendars and other people's opinions.