10 of the most unusual sports in the world: would you try?


The list of the most unusual sports that are found in various countries around the world is growing regularly. Some of them are striking in their exoticism and uniqueness.

Mad goats

The time of the game is 15 minutes, however, if there is a draw on the field, another 15 minutes is added.

Buzkashi equestrian competition (in translation - "goat pulling") has been held since ancient times among the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Afghans, and Turkmen. The essence of the competition: the rider must take possession of a headless goat carcass, beating it from other participants in the battle. The winner will be the one who gets with the carcass to the place designated in advance.

These are team competitions with a strict hierarchy of players, united by a common goal - owning a goat carcass on the field and protecting it from the opposing team.


In 1967 there was a message in the news about the 1st skibob championship

A special bike for a skibob with a ski instead of a front wheel was invented back in the late 19th century. Subsequently, the second wheel was also replaced with a ski, and the snow bike (it is called a snowbike) was added to control and maneuvering. Skibob has a lot of fans around the world. The International Federation of this sport was formed in the early 70s, currently international competitions and the World Cup are held.


The obstacle course, which is held when jibbing, called jibline

The essence of jibbing - gliding on the edge of the surface of metal or wood. The most popular is the winter variant of jibbing, when an athlete slides on skis or a snowboard according to specially prepared figures. Kkak discipline this game belongs to a snowboard competition. A popular variant of this sport is extreme gliding along special rails.


The name comes from the Malay word sepak (kick, kick) and Thai takraw (wicker ball)

Sepaktakrau - team ball game. Fundamental rules:

  • teams of 3 people are located on the field on the sides of the low grid;
  • the goal is to throw the ball to the opponent;
  • Strikes on the ball can be applied with legs, chest, head, but not hands.

This game is popular in Thailand, Mylasia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, India.

Jai alai

Jai-Alai recognized as the fastest sport in the world

This sports game, especially popular in Spain, is conducted by each participant independently. Rules:

  • on a special platform the player becomes in front of the wall;
  • the ball is launched, flying at a speed of up to 300 km / h (for which the game is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records);
  • Using a special basket-shaped glove, the player must catch the ball and throw it back into the wall.

Successful return of the sword to the wall brings points, and the fall of the ball on the floor - takes.


The first match at the international level was held in 1985 in Dhaka

The original team game, popular in Bangladesh, India, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, there are more than four millennia. Competitions are held this way:

  • two teams are located on the field, divided by a line;
  • one of the teams sends a player to the enemy’s side, the purpose of which is to touch the opponent with a hand or foot and run back;
  • The player must perform the “capture operation” literally in one breath: he took a breath in his own half, he needs to have time to “spot” the enemy before exhaling (to control, the player continuously shouts: “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!”).

Gradually, the "stained" players drop out, and the winner is the team in which the athletes remained.


In 2015, the Swiss Mint issued a silver coin with a face value of 20 Swiss francs in honor of the game Hornussen

The Swiss game has more than 400 years. The competition resembles a mix of hockey and baseball:

  • a team of players is located on the field, armed with "shindles" - clubs, similar to square shovels;
  • the player of the opposing team sends the puck to the field with a whip;
  • the task of the participants is to shoot down a rapidly flying puck.

This "game for farmers" in 2012 already acquired an international association.


The formalization of the sports rules of Herling took place in 1879, approximately simultaneously with the formalization of football rules in England.

The game is a mix of football, hockey and baseball. The herling stick ends in a square spatula. Team players are dressed as football players, but their heads are protected by sports helmets. The goal - to score the ball into the opponent's goal, guarded by the goalkeeper.

The story of Hörling goes to ancient Ireland when neighboring villages converge on a duel. Today, Hurling is played in England, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, North America.


Bossabol is a ball game for two teams of 3 to 5 people.

Bossabol is a modern Spanish invention. The playing field with a net, as in volleyball, is equipped with a huge trampoline with jumps. The teams throw the ball, as in ordinary volleyball, but thanks to the trampoline, the athletes perform incredible gymnastic and acrobatic stunts during the game.


The very idea of ​​the chessbox belongs to the Dutchman Ipe Rubing, who borrowed it from the French comic book "Cold Equator" in 1992

The brilliant idea to combine force competitions with intellectual combat is realized in Finland. It is in this country that there is a chess boxing competition. Two players converge in the battle of bodies and minds: the round of boxing is replaced by a chess round (both for a few minutes).

This sport was invented by a French comic book author, but already in the beginning of the 21st century the first real chess boxing match took place, and since then the game has gained a lot of fans.

No matter how strange some sports may seem, the main thing in them, as in others, is excitement and a desire to win. Thousands of sportsmen and fans take part in unusual varieties of games.